Thursday, June 2, 2011

DIY Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier

A few weeks ago I was looking for my next DIY project and I stumbled upon this project on design sponge. I fell in love with the paper capiz shell chandelier on the site and decided to take on this project. I had been looking for a chandelier to put above my dinning room table, but every one I found was to pricey, so when I came across this project I was super excited to try it. These chandeliers can run you around $300, but this DIY project only cost me $26, and that was expensive compared to the other blogs I saw do this project. I had to buy a hole punch, which was $14, but still, you can't beat the price or the results!

Ok so before you start this project know that this is time consuming! It is a lot of work and it takes a while to complete but I think the results are worth it.
The first step that I did was sandwich three sheets of wax paper in between two sheets of parchment paper. I used 4 boxes of wax paper but it depends on the size of lamp shade you use.

Wax paper ironed together.

Next you want to fold the wax paper like a fan and hole punch the row, I used 1 3/4 in hole punch.

I then counted the circles in groups of 22. 

Then you want to sew the circles together. I did this by feeding the circles on after the other. At first it might be a little tricky but you will get the hang of it. 

Ok so when you buy your lamp shade make sure you get on with vertical wire along with the round top and bottom wire. I did not do this and my husband had to add wire in between the top and bottom.

I also added a middle rung so the chandelier would have three layers.

All finished! 
This chandelier turned out great and I am very happy with the results. If you are thinking about doing this I would definitely look at a thrift store for a lamp shade. I found mine for a few bucks. Remember to find one with wires connecting the top and bottom wire. 


  1. I'm getting ready to do this one pretty much exactly the way you did and I'm wondering how long it took you to sew all the circles together? You did a great job, btw. :)

    1. Hey! This whole project was very time consuming but I split it up into 3 nights. Sewing the circles together probably took me 3-4 hrs...that is just an estimate because I split it up into two nights. You get faster as you become more comfortable with threading them. Counting them and putting them into stacks really helped with time also. Let me know how it turns out!

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